*yaawwwwwn* o_0 ppppltblehblehblehblehlehleh…


*yaawwwwwn* o_0 ppppltblehblehblehblehlehleh…

Oh yeah, did you get the time and space to do yoga again? You sound like you've been doing better, in any case!

Nah, Not enough space mainly…

 I was thinking about belly dancing though, since I know someone who does it…

Then again I’m super shy…Haha

Was there ever a transition to adult art, or did you always have an interest in drawing it?

I used to draw naked ladies ALL the time on my school work that I’d get in trouble.

But then I picked up that anime phase we all go through, which I’m still kinda in… I guess? I don’t know. Either way that stopped me from drawing adult art until last year when I was offered to draw a NSFW scene in exchange for money and VIOLA!

How often do you touch yourself

Usually Every week, multiple times a week b-but I have roommates now.

So it’s …. a little harder to …You know.

How are you today? Can I put it in your butt?

MY butt you say?


Some creative anime fansubs 


TMI Tuesday while I run errands and clean? :3
(More like wash the dog and make phone calls)

You're a qt3.14. I just want to pick you up and feed you shortcake.

Mmmmm, caakkkee….